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The document library is where you can search for materials related to the planning of the Port Lands and the Port Lands Flood Protection project. This includes displays and presentations from public meetings. If you can’t find what you are looking for, email us.


  • Construction Notice #10: May 8, 2019 08/05/2019 View
  • Broadview and Eastern Flood Protection Project – Notice of Public Meeting 15/04/2019 View
  • Port Lands 2024_Bring your thermos. We’re snowshoeing downtown. 01/04/2019 View
  • Port Lands 2024_We’re making room for new jobs 01/04/2019 View
  • Port Lands 2024_We’re at the island. The one right downtown. 01/04/2019 View
  • Port Lands 2024_Let’s hop off the streetcar and travel by kayak 01/04/2019 View
  • Port Lands 2024_I’m headed into the city to lose myself in nature 01/04/2019 View
  • Port Lands 2024_Meet me for a paddle in the Don River 01/04/2019 View
  • Construction Notice #9: March 19, 2019 19/03/2019 View
  • Port Lands Flood Protection SAC #4 – Presentation 28/02/2019 View

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