Planning for construction

We’ll start digging the new river valley, river mouth and Don Greenway in winter 2018. To do this, we’ll excavate 1.4 million cubic metres of soil. That’s enough to fill the Rogers Centre. Much of this soil will be treated and stored, then reused, on site.

As part of this project, we’re also rebuilding sections of the Don Roadway, Cherry and Commissioners Street and removing portions of Villiers Street. We’ll also raise grades on the new Villiers Island and east of the Don Roadway by one to three metres as part of flood protection for the area.

We’ll also make changes to the Keating Channel and build infrastructure north of the Keating Channel to manage water flows, sediment and debris. During the Don Mouth Naturalization and Flood Protection Environmental Assessment (approved by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change in 2015) we created an exhaustive list of all possible impacts of construction, some more likely than others.

We’ve developed a series of plans to manage any potential environmental impacts of construction. During construction, we’ll continually monitor air, dust, noise and odour in and around the site. We’ll also test groundwater and surface water at a variety of locations to make sure we’re not impacting the quality of the water. Our team is currently developing a Traffic Management Plan, in collaboration with the City of Toronto, to ensure that any road closures or diversions are coordinated with other nearby construction projects and the needs of everyone using the roads.

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