Photographs of the Changing Port Lands

Construction on this major infrastructure project started in 2017 and will continue through 2024. Over the next five years, our construction will occupy an area the size of 100 football fields. Work will range from delicate underwater planting to major excavation with machinery often used in mining operations.

Artists Vid Ingelevics and Ryan Walker will spend five years on site during construction to  document changes to the Port Lands. Their work captures the complexities of this large construction project and will serve as an archive of this moment in Toronto’s history.

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CONTACT Photography Festival 2021

A selection of images captured as part of this project are being featured in the annual CONTACT Photography Festival. This second series of photographs installed on utilitarian wooden structures built for their CONTACT 2020 exhibition, Framework, focuses on the complexities of excavating a post-industrial site and the resulting environmental cleanup. A Mobile Landscape offers views of the vast, dynamic waterfront landscape lying behind the construction hoardings, and therefore unseen by the general public. The outdoor installation, takes viewers on a journey from the ESSROC Silos at Cherry and Commissioners Streets east along Villiers Street. Be sure to look for it next time you walk, bike or drive through the Port Lands. You can also check out their online exhibition.

About the artists

Ryan Walker is a Toronto-based photographer, specializing in documentary, editorial photography, and visual advocacy. Having graduated in 2013, Walker holds an MFA in Documentary Media from Ryerson University. He is also an educator for the BFA Photography Programs at Ryerson University and Sheridan College.

Vid Ingelevics is a Toronto-based photographer/artist, independent curator, writer and educator. He currently holds the position of Associate Professor in the School of Image Arts, Ryerson University.

River Excavation

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Transforming the Port Lands

The 100-hectare construction site is a place where hundreds of crew members spend long days and nights. These photos capture day-to-day activities, large and small. Scroll through the gallery below or click here to jump to portraits of the people who work on site.

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