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We want to keep you aware of the extensive work underway in this area and share any information that might be useful. Check here for updates on construction, road closures and traffic delays. We will also share the latest information on our construction process, how we plan to protect the environment and how construction may impact your community.

Find the latest information about what to expect from ongoing construction:

Construction Notice #11: July 5, 2019

What you need to know

Crews have begun installing cut-off walls that will keep the excavated area stable and dry as we create the new river valley. As part of this work, drilling is expected to create some noise. The impact of this work on traffic will be minimal.

During excavation and stockpiling, we anticipate some odours. Some soil will also be transported off-site for treatment.

From Summer 2019-Winter 2022, construction equipment will access 324 Cherry Street by crossing Cherry Street. Flagmen will ensure that traffic on the Martin Goodman Trail is given priority. Signs will be installed on the trail to alert northbound and southbound cyclists and pedestrians to the truck or equipment crossing.

This map shows the route that equipment will follow when crossing Cherry Street.

Trucks continue delivering materials needed to fill the lake and create new land around Essroc Quay.

This map shows the routes trucks will follow. Note: The Martin Goodman Trail on Cherry Street will remain open and accessible at all times.

See all construction notices issued for this project here.  To sign up to receive these notices, send us an email.


To create a new, kilometre-long river valley, renaturalized river mouth and spillway, we’ll excavate 1.4 million cubic metres of soil — that’s enough to fill the Rogers Centre. We plan on reusing as much of this soil as possible on site. We’ll also rebuild sections of the Don Roadway, Cherry and Commissioners Street and remove portions of Villiers Street. And we’ll raise grades on the new Villiers Island and east of the Don Roadway by one to three metres. 

This is a seven-year construction project – and one of the largest infrastructure projects in Toronto’s history.  

During the Don Mouth Naturalization and Port Lands Flood Protection Environmental Assessment, the project team identified potential impacts from this construction. The team has now developed a series of plans to manage these impacts. Following these Environmental Management Plans will allow us to minimize impacts to the environment during and after construction. As construction progresses, these plans may be modified to reflect new information or challenges encountered on the construction site.  

To make the details of these plans easier to find and understand, we’ve summarized each plan. Those summaries are available here: 

Air Quality and Noise Monitoring Plan 

Groundwater Management Plan

Odour Management Plan

Soil Management Plan

Surface Water Management Plan

Our team is currently developing a Traffic Management Plan, in collaboration with the City of Toronto, to ensure that any road closures or diversions are coordinated with other nearby construction projects and the needs of everyone using the roads.

Do you have a concern, complaint or question about construction? Click here to submit your inquiry to the project team.

Construction in the Port Lands started in 2017 and will be done in 2024. Click here to see the overall schedule. Watch the latest animation of the construction schedule here. Find out more about what we’re building here.

The Port Lands Flood Protection Construction Liaison Committee (CLC) is made up of local residents and businesses. Members meet regularly with the project team to discuss construction activities and updates. The committee is tasked with bringing forward questions, concerns and feedback from the communities they represent. They work closely with the project team and construction manager, EllisDon, to ensure surrounding communities are aware of upcoming construction and help the project team manage any potential construction impacts.

Interested in getting involved? Email us.

Want to find out more about what’s happening on our construction sites? Check out the latest photos and videos below.

image of a truck and construction equipment on the quay

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