We want to keep you aware of the extensive work underway in this area and share any information that might be useful. Check here for updates on construction, road closures and traffic delays. We will also share the latest information on our construction process, how we plan to protect the environment and how construction may impact your community.

Construction Notices

Find the latest information about what to expect from ongoing construction. Download the latest construction notice below or view all notices in the Document Library.

Construction Notices

Work on the Port Lands Flood Protection and Lake Shore Boulevard East projects has impacts on Lake Shore Boulevard, Gardiner Expressway, Cherry and Commissioners Streets, cycling facilities on Lake Shore Boulevard East and the Lower Don Trail. Below are up-to-date details on closures and detours.

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To read FAQs about the Lake Shore Boulevard East Project, click here. For an overview of the Port Lands Flood Protection project, click here.

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October 28, 2022

Overnight Lane Shifts on Lake Shore Boulevard East between Saulter Street and Logan Avenue: Scheduled to be complete by early November

To facilitate utility connections for the future Lake Shore Boulevard East, there have been nightly lane shifts at four intersections along Lake Shore Boulevard since July. The work is complete at Saulter and Morse Streets.

For more details, see Construction Notice #38

Watermain Testing along Lake Shore Boulevard between Saulter Street and Logan Avenue: November

Once utilities work on Lake Shore Boulevard is complete, crews will begin testing and commissioning the new watermain. The testing will take place during the evening for approximately one week and is scheduled to start in mid November.


  • Rolling disruptions to water service during testing will affect businesses in the area bound by Lake Shore Boulevard East in the north, Logan Avenue in the east, Commissioners Street in the south, and Saulter Street in the west.
  • Affected businesses will be notified directly closer to the start of the work.
  • Residential properties will not be affected.

Logan Avenue closed south of Lake Shore Boulevard Intersection: November

To facilitate utility work, for 3-4 weeks in November, there will be no access from Lake Shore Boulevard East to southbound Logan Avenue, or from Logan Avenue northbound to Lake Shore Boulevard East. There will be no impact to lanes on Lake Shore Boulevard East.


  • No access to southbound Logan Avenue from Lake Shore Boulevard East
  • Northbound traffic on Logan Avenue from Commissioners Street will be restricted to local traffic only. There will be no access to Lake Shore Boulevard via Logan Avenue
  • Access to the Mayfair Racquet Club will be via northbound Logan Avenue, coming from Commissioners Street. There will be no access to Lake Shore Boulevard East from Logan Avenue

Saulter Street Closed between Lake Shore Boulevard and Villiers Street: Starting November 7

To facilitate utility work, Saulter Street will be closed between Lake Shore Boulevard East and Villiers Street. There will be no access to Saulter Street southbound from Lake Shore and there will be no access to Lake Shore Boulevard East from northbound Saulter Street.  Work in the area is expected to last two weeks starting as soon as November 7. Some pre-construction work will take place in the roadway starting as soon as October 31; traffic will be controlled by flag persons.

For more detail, see Construction Notice #38

Construction on Lake Shore Boulevard East

Now that the Gardiner-Logan ramps are removed, the easternmost access point to and from the Gardiner Expressway is at Jarvis Street.

The realigned Gardiner and new ramps east of Cherry Street are in design now as part of the City of Toronto’s plans to reconfigure the Gardiner Expressway. Construction on the new ramps is tentatively scheduled to start in 2026. The City of Toronto will share more information regarding ramp realignment and construction starting after the completion of this project as it becomes available.

You can find updates on the City’s Gardiner East project here.

Lane diversions on Lake Shore Boulevard East between Cherry Street and Carlaw Avenue, February 28, 2022-December 2024


See a static diagram of the lane diversions shown in the this video here.

For more details, see Construction Notice #30.


Cherry Street Closed Between Lake Shore Boulevard and the Rail Bridge: Reopening in Fall 2022

To realign the intersection of Cherry Street and Lake Shore Boulevard, and provide better connections for transit and cycling facilities, Cherry Street will be closed to vehicles between the Rail Bridge and Lake Shore Boulevard. For more detail, see Construction Notice #30. 


Full closure of Don Roadway south of Lake Shore Boulevard: Until 2024

To construct permanent flood protection along Don Roadway and rebuild the road, Don Roadway is closed south of Lake Shore Boulevard until 2024. Commissioners Street remains closed between Cherry Street and Don Roadway, until Summer 2023.

Above: This map shows the available routes through the Port Lands as of December 2021. 

Recommended routes to and from the Port Lands and Don Valley Parkway are described in Construction Notice #26.


Lower Don Trail South of Corktown Common Closed until 2024

The Lower Don Trail is now closed between Corktown Common and Cherry Street. This closure is in addition to the temporary closure of the multi-use trail on Lake Shore Boulevard between Don Roadway and Logan Avenue and the permanent closure of the cycling/pedestrian bridge over the Don River.

A detour route is in place along Mill Street, Cherry Street, Villiers Street, Saulter Street, Commissioners Street and Carlaw Avenue. See map below.

Above: A map showing the cycling detour routes around the closure of the Lower Don Trail between Corktown Common and Cherry Street and the closure of the multi-use trail along Lake Shore Boulevard between Don Roadway and Logan Avenue. 


  • The multi-use trails in this area will be closed until 2024
  • The intersection of Cherry Street and Lake Shore Boulevard is being reworked to simplify movements east and west for cyclists. Until that work is complete, the crossing will continue to follow the existing configuration.


For specific directions on how to get around the closure of the trail south of Corktown Common, read Construction Notice #29.

For directions on how to get east or west across the Don River, read Construction Notice #28.

See all construction notices issued for this project here.

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Minimizing Construction Impacts

Port Lands Flood Protection is a seven-year construction project – and one of the largest infrastructure projects in Toronto’s history.  

During the Don Mouth Naturalization and Port Lands Flood Protection Environmental Assessment, the project team identified potential impacts from this construction and developed a series of plans to manage these impacts. Following these Environmental Management Plans will allow us to minimize impacts to the environment during and after construction. These plans may be modified to reflect new information or challenges encountered on the construction site.  

To make the details of these plans easier to find and understand, we’ve summarized each plan. Those summaries are available here: 

Air Quality and Noise Monitoring Plan 

Groundwater Management Plan

Odour Management Plan

Soil Management Plan

Surface Water Management Plan

We recognize the challenges and inconveniences construction presents to local communities. While some construction projects cannot be changed or delayed, we minimize impacts as best we can.

Here are some of the ways we’re reducing construction impacts for the Lake Shore Boulevard East project:

• Coordinating with the City of Toronto and outside agencies such as Metrolinx and Toronto Hydro to identify their construction needs and avoid overlapping road closures
• Changes to lane configuration and traffic signal timing to keep traffic moving
• Reconstruction at certain intersections and ramps to the Gardiner Expressway to improve the flow of traffic during construction

Do you have a concern, complaint or question about construction? Click here to submit your inquiry to the project team.

Construction Schedule

Construction on the Port Lands Flood Protection project started in 2017 and will be done in 2024. See what’s coming up over the next few months. We’ll continue to adjust our construction sequencing and timing to account for factors like nearby construction and coordination with our partners. Find out more about what we’re building.

Construction on the Lake Shore Boulevard East project started August 31, 2021. Construction will be complete in 2024.

Construction Liaison Committee (CLC)

The Port Lands Flood Protection Construction Liaison Committee (CLC) is made up of local residents and businesses. Members meet regularly with the project team to discuss construction activities and updates. The committee is tasked with bringing forward questions, concerns and feedback from the communities they represent. They work closely with the project team and construction manager, EllisDon, to ensure surrounding communities are aware of upcoming construction and help the project team manage any potential construction impacts.

Interested in getting involved? Email us.

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