In addition to creating a naturalized river valley—which, in itself, is a historic and significant undertaking—a crucial part of this project involves building new public spaces, roads and bridges and utilities, as well as structures to control water flow and manage sediment and debris.

The work we need to do as part of the Port Lands Flood Protection Project can be grouped into four larger categories: parks, roads and municipal infrastructure, bridges and earthworks/flood protection. You can see a breakdown on the map below. Click here for more details about what we’re building.

A schematic showing multiple project components within the project boundary in the Port Lands
View from the inner harbour looking north over Essroc Quay, showing a barge delivering construction materials

Cherry Street Stormwater and Lakefilling Project

Learn more about this project and how it relates to flood protection.

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Port Lands Flood Protection Due Diligence Report

Find details about the design concept, cost and method for flood protecting the Port Lands.

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Designing the Parks and River Valley in the Port Lands

Learn more about the evolving design for public spaces we’ll build as part of Port Lands Flood Protection Project.

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