The Port Lands Flood Protection Project will improve quality of life, bring nature back to an underused industrial site and better protect our neighbourhoods from extreme weather conditions. Some of the reasons for doing this work include:

More waterfront for everyone. This work creates a stronger connection between land and lake so that anyone who visits the Port Lands can enjoy a vast stretch of waterfront.

More nature and greenspace. The creation of the new river mouth will connect the Port Lands to a 195-hectare network of parks nestled within the ravine system that runs through Corktown Common past the Brick Works to Pottery Road.

Protection from the affects of climate change. Extreme weather events are on the rise and this work will protect 240 hectares of land within the southeastern downtown from flooding.

Improving the natural environment. We are cleaning contaminated soil and building new parks, wetlands and marshes. Our work on the river will also create a healthier and more natural outlet for the Don River and a new home for fish, birds and other animals.

More jobs and economic growth. This project will contribute over $4 billion to the Canadian economy.

A brighter future. When this project is complete, the Port Lands will finally become a place where our city can grow and evolve to better meet the changing needs of the people who live here.

rendering showing people fishing and canoeing in the river and walking on a trail

Key Benefits of Flood Protection

Discover how this project makes Toronto a healthier, more resilient city.

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A map of Toronto that shows the area at risk of flooding from the Don River shaded in blue.

Flood Risks in Toronto

Take a look at what areas are at risk of flooding in Toronto.

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rendering of future river and villiers island

Raising the Bar on Sustainability: Villiers Island

Learn how the Port Lands Flood Protection Project can create a more sustainable city.

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Resilience and Innovation Framework for Sustainability

Explore our framework for innovation and sustainability, developed in partnership with the Canadian Urban Institute.

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Before and After: Port Lands Flood Protection

Wonder what the construction in the Port Lands will create? Have a look at what is currently in the Port Lands and what we imagine the space to be used for after.

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After: View Looking south at future overlook of Don Greenway towards the Ship Channel

Bringing Natural Back

The Cherry Street Stormwater and Lakefilling Project will bring the Port Lands closer to its natural state as a hub for wildlife and aquatic species.

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