New Bridge Arrives on Toronto’s Waterfront This Fall

Four new bridges will soon connect downtown Toronto to the future Villiers Island, the new island that will be created by extending the Don River through the Port Lands. The first of these bridges left Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on October 29th, 2020 to travel to Toronto via the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Read this blog to learn more about how the bridges were designed.

We kicked off the bridge’s journey, live from the east coast. The virtual watch party wished the bridge a Bon Voyage!

Waterfront Toronto tracked the bridge’s progress on twitter using #BridgeWatchTO to give daily updates on the bridge’s location. Click on the images below to see its location on a certain day.

Waterfront Toronto held a live event to mark the arrival of the first of four new bridges for Toronto’s Port Lands.

Local officials travelled to the construction site to celebrate this important milestone.

Be a Part of History: Port Lands Time Capsule

As the new bridge is installed, we will also bury a time capsule containing flags created at past workshops, seen here displayed as bunting at an event last year.

You can create a flag for a chance to be part of the time capsule, too! Here’s how:

Add a virtual flag on Instagram:

  1. Visit us on Instagram, and look for the “virtual time capsule” story highlight on our profile.
  2. Screenshot the blank bunting template.
  3. Use the blank template in your Instagram story and add your text and images.
  4. Remember to tag @Waterfront.TO in your story! We’ll add it to our “virtual time capsule” story highlight. A handful of these submissions will be printed and added to the time capsule.

Create a flag and submit it by email:

  1. Using a blank template, write or sketch what you are most excited to see or do once our construction in the Port Lands is complete in 2024. You can print it and send us a scan or photo or add to it digitally. (download the template here)
  2. Email your flag to by November 6.  A handful of these submissions will be printed and added to the time capsule.

Get creative! Your flag can include drawings, words, poems, paintings – even abstract art – anything that shares what you are most excited about for the Port Lands in 2024.

The time capsule will be opened in 2024 when our new parks, roads, river and bridges are all complete.