FAQ Category: Progress and planning

What about affordable housing?

Right now, the construction in the Port Lands is part of the Flood Protection project which will protect a large area of downtown Toronto from flooding. In doing so, we’ll create Villiers Island and a new mouth for the Don River. The flood protection project does not include any development or buildings. When it is finished in 2024 development can start on Villiers Island.

The plan for Villiers Island is to build a mix of affordable and family-friendly housing. To achieve that goal, the Villiers Island Precinct Plan (adopted by Toronto City Council in 2017) includes an affordable housing strategy. At minimum, 20% of housing built on public land will be permanent and long-term affordable rental housing. You can find the Villiers Island precinct plan here.

Where do I go for the latest project updates?

Find the latest construction updates and notices here. You can also see the overall construction schedule here.

Look for news about upcoming meetings here.

Read the latest Waterfront Toronto newsletter, with updates on this and other projects, here.

Where can I find details about planning in the Port Lands and future development?

Once we complete construction on the Port Lands Flood Protection project in 2024, a new river valley will run through the Port Lands. This natural landscape will become home to diverse plants and wildlife. Land that was once unusable and under the threat of flooding will be ready to transform into complete communities and thriving businesses.

Any development that takes place will be guided by the Port Lands Planning Framework, approved by Toronto City Council in 2017.

Planning initiatives for the Port Lands have been underway for over a decade, and have resulted in not only the Planning Framework, but a number of other key studies and plans that will guide development. Read more about those plans here.

What development is happening as part of this project? Will new buildings be going up on Villiers Island?

The new river valley will create Villiers Island. However, this project doesn’t include the development of new buildings on Villiers Island, or anywhere in the Port Lands. That development can begin once Port Lands Flood Protection is complete in 2024.

The guidelines for buildings, roads and more on Villiers Island are in the Villiers Island Precinct Plan. The Villiers Island Precinct Plan was adopted by Toronto City Council in October 2017, along with the Port Lands Planning Framework, which sets the long-term vision for the Port Lands. As part of the planning process to finalize the Villiers Island Precinct Plan, we collaborated with the City of Toronto to consult the public. Find public presentations and meeting summary reports in our document library.

The design work underway does consider parks, public spaces and roads on Villiers Island to make sure what we build as part of Port Lands Flood Protection works as part of the larger, future system of parks in the Port Lands. It doesn’t deal with any new buildings. Find out more about what we are building as part of Port Lands Flood Protection here.

When will the project start and when will it be finished?

Construction began on the Cherry Street Lakefilling Project in December 2017. We started digging the new river valley in summer 2018. The Port Lands Flood Protection Project is scheduled for completion in 2024.

Read more about construction here.