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The document library is where you can search for materials related to the planning of the Port Lands and the Port Lands Flood Protection project. This includes displays and presentations from public meetings. If you can’t find what you are looking for, email us.

Construction Notice #49 May 7, 2024

Find the latest information about what to expect from ongoing construction. Download the latest construction notice below.

Villiers Island Density Study Public Meeting Summary, June 2023

Read a summary of all the questions and answers from the most recent Public Information Centre.


  • Port Lands Noise and Air Quality Feasibility Study 01/08/2016 View
  • Consultation Report – November 2015 Open House and Workshops (CCM #3) 14/11/2015 View
  • Hemson Market Outlook 29/09/2015 View
  • Questionnaire Results – Baselands Trail Development 23/07/2015 View
  • Lower Don Lands Environmental Asessment Master Plan Addendum and Environmental Study Report 04/09/2014 View
  • Appendix A: Archive of Sketches 23/07/2014 View
  • Port Lands Acceleration Initiative Phase 2 – Report 05/06/2014 View
  • Port Lands Land Use Direction 05/06/2014 View
  • Community Consultation Meeting #2 Report 13/02/2014 View
  • Community Consultation Meeting #1 Report 28/11/2013 View
  • Port Lands Profile 12/11/2013 View
  • Port Lands Business Plan 29/08/2012 View
  • Port Lands Development Model Assessment 29/08/2012 View
  • Business Case Plan Review 29/08/2012 View
  • Market Sounding in Support of the Port Lands Development Plan 29/08/2012 View
  • Development Demand and Revenue Projections 29/08/2012 View
  • Preliminary Estimate of Development Charge Revenue 29/08/2012 View
  • Infrastructure Costing 29/08/2012 View
  • Flood Protection Strategy 29/08/2012 View
  • PLAI Summary of Findings 29/08/2012 View