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The document library is where you can search for materials related to the planning of the Port Lands and the Port Lands Flood Protection project. This includes displays and presentations from public meetings. If you can’t find what you are looking for, email us.

Construction Notice #27: November 2, 2021

Find the latest information about what to expect from ongoing construction. Download the latest construction notice below.

Port Lands Flood Protection Public Information Centre Summary Report

Read the latest summary report from the Public Information Centre held in June 2019.


  • DMNP EA Community Working Session #2: Summary Notes 23/08/2005 View
  • Site Walk of the Mouth of the Don: Summary Notes 26/07/2005 View
  • DMNP EA Working Session #1 Appendix C: Site Map Feedback 25/07/2005 View
  • DMNP EA Community Working Session #1: Summary Notes 25/07/2005 View
  • DMNP EA Working Session #1 Workbook 25/07/2005 View
  • Appendix A: Poster Boards 23/06/2005 View
  • Lake Shore Boulevard East Public Realm Plantings List View
  • Port Lands Flood Protection Plantings List View
  • December 2020 Public Meeting, Questions and Answers View
  • Flag Template View
  • Instagram Flag Template View
  • DMNP EA Chapter 1 Introduction View
  • Don Mouth Naturalization and Port Lands Flood Protection Project Amendment Appendix D – LSB GA Design Drawings View