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The document library is where you can search for materials related to the planning of the Port Lands and the Port Lands Flood Protection project. This includes displays and presentations from public meetings. If you can’t find what you are looking for, email us.

Construction Notice #48 March 14, 2024

Find the latest information about what to expect from ongoing construction. Download the latest construction notice below.

Villiers Island Density Study Public Meeting Summary, June 2023

Read a summary of all the questions and answers from the most recent Public Information Centre.


  • Port Lands and South of Eastern Transportation Servicing Master Plan Environmental Assessment – Appendices 29/09/2017 View
  • Port Lands and South of Eastern Transportation Servicing Master Plan Environmental Assessment 29/09/2017 View
  • Port Lands Planning Framework Consultation Process Summary Report 06/09/2017 View
  • Waterfront Toronto Villiers Island Precinct Plan Climate Positive Assessment Report 15/06/2017 View
  • Waterfront Toronto Annual Report – 2016/17 13/06/2017 View
  • City of Toronto – Draft Official Plan Amendment for the Port Lands 28/03/2017 View
  • Appendix 1: Lower Don River Due Diligence and Validation Report (MVVA) 20/10/2016 View
  • Appendix 10: Integrated Soil Management Plan (CH2M Report F) 20/10/2016 View
  • Appendix 11: Preliminary Groundwater Management Plan (CH2M Report G) 20/10/2016 View
  • Appendix 12: Earthworks Methodology (CH2M Report H) 20/10/2016 View
  • Appendix 13: Environmental Cost Estimate (C2M Report I) 20/10/2016 View
  • Appendix 14: Figures to Accompany CH2M Reports 20/10/2016 View
  • Appendix 15: Marine Engineering Services to Develop Preliminary Designs for Land Creation Works Surrounding Essroc Quay (Riggs) 20/10/2016 View
  • Appendix 16: 2015 Dockwall Structural Assessment Lower Don Lands (Riggs) 20/10/2016 View
  • Appendix 17: Executive Summary: Recommendations and Rationale for Construction Cost Escalation Factors (Hanscomb) 20/10/2016 View
  • Appendix 18: Conceptual Cost Estimates (Hanscomb) 20/10/2016 View
  • Appendix 19: Appendix E: Detailed Project Schedule (HDR) 20/10/2016 View
  • Appendix 2: Due Diligence and Validation Documents (Plans) (MVVA) 20/10/2016 View
  • Appendix 20: Cost Risk Assessment (HDR) 20/10/2016 View
  • Appendix 21: Don River Delft3D Model Refinement (Baird) 20/10/2016 View